Book Club I ~ MMXXI


“Intuition is the accessing of information through means other than our customary logical mode – our intellect – or our five recognized senses. It’s a way of knowing things without going through the intellect or five tangible senses or how we normally experience and know things in life.”

– Diane Brandon

The more that I lean into true alignment with my highest vibrational self the more I appreciate how foundational our understanding and trusting in this knowing can positively impact our lives. 

The ability to interpret, distill and apply our intuitive abilities can provide us with valuable information that will help us to navigate the ambages of our lives. Diane Brandon takes us on an intellectual journey through the study of intuition. 

She gives us the opportunity to try a variety of practical exercises and meditations along the way.  Many beautiful opportunities to find something to further our practices. Educational, honest and backed by 45 years of avid learning, researching and practice Diane is a capable and inspiring teacher.  


SUNDAY MARCH 7, 2021 @ 9:00 A.M. E.S.T. VIA ZOOM