Soul Chart

“What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

Your name holds the key to your hidden talents, karmic patterns and goals. By translating the letters of your name into the 22 phonetic Hebrew letters. These letters are then converted to numbers along the points of the Star of David. Each point represents an aspect within your physical and spiritual self. 

We walk through the karmic patterns in your life, discuss the talents you possess to overcome them and review the goals that you are designed to achieve. Once we review your energetic blueprint we delve into – my favourite part – decoding your souls underlying mission in this lifetime. 

By using the ancient wisdom of numerology & astrology, my intuitive abilities and passion for helping you to realize your souls gifts – this Soul Chart reading is a fantastic tool to get to know yourself better. With this information you can more strategically work with your talents overcome obstacles and become more into alignment with your soul’s true desire. 

Ever wonder why the same recurring patterns keep happening in your life?

Are you trying to figure out the next step in your journey?

In this 1 hour reading I will walk through each of the aspects on your chart. You will receive a full copy of your Soul Chart with notes so you can always go back and reference them. This will also be sent to you in advance so you can take notes while we are discussing your chart. 

Understanding my Soul Chart was an incredible turning point in my life. I had been in a spiral of recurring karmic lessons for years. No matter how “hard” I think that I was trying they would come back; over and over again. 

The issue? 

I was trying the wrong way. Once I decoded what my strengths are, I leveraged them to be able to move through these karmic lessons in my life. My physical and spiritual goals felt more within reach. My life started shifting to be in alignment with my Soul’s Destiny – that is when my life began to change and I was better able to be the creator of my own reality. 

I look forward to supporting you along your journey. If you have any questions about this type of reading please contact me here.

With Love,