If you are feeling at a crossroads, confused, indifferent, etc. or have never had a reading before this is the reading for you.

What to Expect:
After this reading you will be energetically grounded & balanced. You will be provided with tools of empowerment to use as you shift.                                           
Relationships, Career & Health will be discussed. You will have the opportunity to further expand on or pass over various timelines/topics as these general energies are read.

Your energetic & physical body will be scanned for a general health check in. You will receive nutritional suggestions as well as holistic & naturopathic recommendations to support energetic balancing.

You will be provided with signs/symbols to validate your intuition. You will feel shifted and have clarity on your next steps.

60 minutes ¬ $120cad (individual)
If you like to know major themes & energies for the year this is the reading for you.

What to Expect:
After this reading you will be provided with a map and actionable tools that you can use to set yourself up for success throughout the year.

Year long primary themes {relationships, career & health} are discussed and reviewed according to your personal astrological periods. You will have the opportunity to ask questions/focus on key periods or pass over various themes at your preference.

Understanding energetic influences will help you to navigate through growth cycles in the year so that you feel empowered to co-create your highest vibrational life.

90 minutes ¬ $150cad (individual)

Group readings are focused on empowering the room to connect to their intuition and understand psychic senses. Currently offering open table readings and intuitive development sessions for groups.

Signs/Messages will be channelled using mediumship, intuition and a variety of tarot and oracle decks. Particiants will have the opportunity to ask questions, channel messages and receive validations as group energy is read and balanced.

$300 ¬ 1.5 hours (max 10 people)

For groups greater then 10 people – please inquire.