So you want to have your cards read . . .

The first thing I always get asked is “what can I expect during a tarot reading?”. This question is typically followed with nervous excited laughter. Tarot has been surrounded by wonder and controversy for decades. Although it is becoming more common there is still some trepidation towards the tarot. I totally get that.

There is something intimate about being able to tap into your sub-conscious, connect with your guides and take a peak across your timeline.

“Tarot helps us look within ourselves to understand our emotions, the reasoning behind our words and conduct, and the source of our conflicts.”

― Benebell Wen

That is exactly what we will do in our session – connect with your subconscious, get in touch with your guides and look along your timelines. We will review the primary energies that you are dealing with as well as the blockages that are holding you back. We will determine what forces are at play around you, your personal power and guidance along this path. Common themes include love, money, career and health.

I have a no BS approach to my tarot readings. 

Read: I DO NOT tell you what you want to hear, I tell you what you need to hear and sometimes that can feel really vulnerable. 

I feel you. This is a safe space.  As an empath I tap into these vibrations to make sure you feel supported and not judged. 

We are all human having a human experience. Sometimes we just need a little nudge, loving guidance or motivation to help us along in an open space.

75 Minute Sitting for 1 person ~ Investment $100cad

To enquire about group readings or have other questions please drop me a note.

With Love,