Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive development is a lifelong journey. As you experience and evolve your connection with the world around you shifts. Understanding how your body is sending and receiving information will help you to feel confident in your natural expressions. The more you understand your physcial and energetic body the more that you will feel empowered in your everyday life. This program is designed to help lay a strong foundation of trust with yourself. You will learn how to support your body through cyclical changes and learn how to tap into your extra sensory abilities.


You & Your Body
Iridology Assessment & Reiki Treatment
1.5 Hours

You & Your Intuition
Natal Chart & Astrology Review
1.5 Hours

You & Your Senses
Interactive development session focused on audience, seeing, feeling, smell & taste.
1.5 Hours

You & Your Intuitive Tools
Development session focused on your primary intuitive tools.
1.5 Hours