Book Club

“We read to know we are not alone”

C.S. Lewis

Books have always been my greatest companions. I would escape into fictional worlds to feel more at ease with my own reality. Every nuanced character expanding my idea of self expression. My heart would beat faster as the protagonist reveals their tale.

I have read about and marvelled at the tenacity, resilience and bravery of countless remarkable people. Their belief in themselves and vulnerability is always inspiring.

Books have not only been my escape but also a large part of my education. Infinite portals of wisdom accessible on creamy letter pressed pages bound together and preserved between artfully created covers and dust jackets.

Discussing these stories with others is one of my favourite things as we all have a unique perspective and books are revealed to us all in different ways. I have developed through conversation and literature which is why I want to build a community of sharing and inspiration. Thus, the inception of The Belladonna Book Club.

My goal is to foster a community of open minded people who want to share, be vulnerable and learn. As a Scorpio I like to go deep, mystical and connect on a soul level to the world. This book club will be an exploration through the more esoteric of topics that include but are not limited to astrology, intuition and energy; mythology, numerology and tarot, grounding, ritual and the moon.

What is important to know?

  • Book discussion will take place the last Thursday of every month for one hour starting at noon est
  • Monthly meetups will be virtual – signup is required and a zoom link will be sent the day prior
  • Please come prepared to share even if you have not completed the reading
  • New titles will be release monthly on the Book Shelf